Curriculum Vitae

Jozsef Nemeth

  Environmental protection and nature conservation graduate engineer. Trained for looking  an opportunity to gain broad technical experience and to contribute to the preservation of ecological balance through the means of a responsible and eco-conscious company.
Main interest in sustainable environmental policies, corporate social responsibility, forestry, botany, flora and fauna in certain habitats.

  • Trained to supervise nature and wildlife management.
  • Ability to manage the balance between wildlife and industrial environments
  • Managing complex environmental projects accurately and efficiently
  • Responsible and competent attitude towards a sustainable environment
  • Interest and experience with wetlands and marshlands
  • Colorful experience in a variety of jobs and different business cultures during studies
  • Drive and practical experience in managing and leading small teams
  • Goal-oriented, “can-do” attitude
  • Good presentation skills, lively and enthusiastic around other people, sociable
Practical experience
  • 2008  Six months of teaching experience in a forestry high school with excellent feedback
  • 2002 – 2007 Volunteer in a birdwatch project in Lake Neusiedl - Hanság National Park Hungary
  • 2005-2006 Working on various projects for a garden-builder company
  • 2005 Gardener in Janos Lippai Gardening Technical School Hungary
  • 2004 Lead gardener for a compound in Sopron.
  • 2000-2001 Forestry tours in Finland as a translator.
  • 2010 till nowadays: founder and leader of Viola Garden Service.
  • Make professional Garden Service with trained and educated team.
  • 2010 West Hungarian University Sopron – BSc as Engineering Teacher
  • 2009 West Hungarian University Sopron – BSc as Nature Conservation Engineer
  • 2003 Vadas Jenő Forestry Technical High School
Thesis topic: Sustainable infrastructural development of ecotourism in the reed-fields of Southern Lake-Neusiedl

Viola Garden Service

Jozsef Nemeth
Nature Conservation Engineer

Tlf: +45 3095-4458


Jozsef Nemeth

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